Making Challenges into Opportunities

Labor Unlimited, LLC

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Making Challenges into Opportunities

Construction Workers Available

You know you want something built; now you just need a construction crew. But where do you find the manpower on short notice? For construction crew managers and other professionals in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or nationwide, the answer is simple: Labor Unlimited, LLC. When you need a construction crew that is punctual, affordable, detail-oriented and extremely thorough, there's no other choice to make. 

We are licensed, insured and capable of sending dozens of professional construction workers to work on your commercial, residential or industrial project when you need them. We provide general construction services and cleanup before, during and after the job. This includes, general cleaning, sheetrock, debris and any other job-site prep work.

There's no need to employ a full-time staff of workers. We can tailor our service to match your project needs. So if one day you only need five workers, but the next you need 50, we can cater our service to match your project. 

Labor Unlimited, LLC is licensed in both New Jersey and Florida, and works closely with Flagg World Inc., another NJ construction company. We are MBA non-union approved. We also have a union arm of the company belonging to the Local Union 55, if you have a need for Union Labors. Flagg World Inc. is a non-profit 501 c3 organization.